Tatler December

The Rakus Touch

The party season is fast upon us, providing the ideal motivation to look and feel our very best. And looking good is a cinch with the help of Dr Rita Rakus, one of London's leading cosmetic doctors.

Dr Rita Rakus is in demand for many reasons. Over the past 15 years, her skill for contouring and subtle volumising has made her facial-rejuvenation treatments and lip-enhancing procedures legendary. Combine this with her sensitive approach to clients and a commitment to professional practice and safety (she co-founded the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors), and you can understand why Dr Rakus has the A-list knocking at her door.

And what better time to indulge in one of her state-of-the-art treatments than just before the annual party season? Dr Rakus is renowned for her highly successful lip-enhancing technique, but there are many other popular procedures to discover at her clinic. These include the new Thermage Body Tip, a treatment that can help you lose inches and give you a firm, flat stomach in time to don that slinky cocktail dress. Other client favourites include Fraxel, which breaks down pigmentation, fine lines, stretchmarks and acne scars with laser technology, or the popular post-birth "mummy tummy" treatment that combines Thermage and Fraxel with SmartLipo to banish crepey stomachs. Not to mention a quick Macrolane breast enhancement that can be done during your lunch hour. So whether you're jetting off to the Caribbean for Christmas or living it up at home, call on Dr Rakus.

Dr Rita Rakus's state-of-the-art clinic is situated opposite Harrods at 34a Hans Road, I Knightsbridge, London SW3. For details on the wide range of anti-ageing treatments, including SmartLipo, Body by Thermage, Fraxel, Restylane, Botox, Velasmooth and laser hair removal, please call 020 7460 7324 or visit www.drritarakus.com

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